Panic Disorder 411

Recovery From Panic Disorder & Alcoholism

Mindfulness Meditation
Trust The Journey
Clouds - Music Only
Bunche Beach
Bunche Beach - Ocean Waves
Relaxation - lakes
The Lakes - Nature Sounds
Relaxation - Ocean waves
Sea Song - Ocean Waves
Beethoven Pathetique Sonata
Keep Your Eye On The Ball - Music only
Mozart KV 570
The River
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"Trust The Journey" is a guided meditation video created by The Mindful Movement. All the other videos were created by Michael Jackson Smith and were designed to help you to learn how to calm anxiety.

Guided Imagery, Visualization, Meditation

Guided imagery is the process of being guided through calming or helpful mental images. It includes following along with a description of a peaceful place or calming scene, healing process, or other guided images.

Visualization is the process of visualizing something for the purpose of relaxation or making positive changes. This may include visualizing a relaxing scene, visualizing healing, or other mental images.

Meditation is the process of focusing the mind for the purposes of relaxation or making positive changes. Relaxation/Meditation Videos

Deep breathing, nature scenes, flowing water, gentle motion, and music calm our minds. Focusing on peaceful scenes while listening to music diverts our attention away from our anxiety.

Position: You don't have to get into a yoga pose to practice meditation. Simply sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place.

Breathing: Take a deep breath, expanding your diaphragm, then hold your breath for a few seconds, and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply through the meditation.

Music: Slow, classical music helps you to focus because it has structure. Music without lyrics is best.

THE ROAD TO FORT WORTH by Michael Jackson Smith: Very little was known about panic disorder when I had my first panic attack. There was no help available to teach me how to assuage the attacks, but I discovered that alcohol would dissolve my fear instantly. My website contains the kind of information that would have been a tremendous help to me in the early days of my illness as I searched for solutions for the panic disorder, agoraphobia, and alcoholism that incapacitated me. My book is the story of my journey into recovery. Read Chapter 8 | Top of Page

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